Jio 4G Voice call app is now JioCall

If you have any problem in configuring the Jio 4G Voice call app. You are in the right place, today I will tell you that how you can easily configure Jio 4G voice call app. 

If you have not yet download the Jio4GVoice app. First of all, you can download the latest version of Jio 4G voice call.

Then install it and open the app. It takes some permission. Then the new interface of the app will open in front of your mobile screen (same for Windows 10 PC ).

Jio4gvoice,jio 4G voice call
jio 4Gvoice call

If you are using a non-VoLTE 4G smartphone, you can go with the mobile option (insert the Jio sim in slot 1 in your smartphone). In case you are using JioFi then go for JioFi option. Insert Jio sim in JioFi and turn it on.

In both cases, you need to recharge unlimited Jio prepaid or Jio postpaid plans in your Jio 4G sim.

Wait a while, initially, it will show connecting and afterward, it will show online.

jio4G voice call
jio4G voice call

Congratulation, finally you can use all the features like HD video call and crystal clear voice call, SMS chat & rich call and many more.

Jio4gvoice,jio 4G voice call
I have a 4G smartphone but not VoLTE – do I need Jio4GVoice?

YES, you need Jio4GVoice app to make it VoLTE support. As a result, you can unlock all the VoLTE features.

Can I use Jio4GVoice on my 3G or 2G smartphone?

If you want to use Jio4GVoice on your 3G or 2G handset then all you have to get a JioFi and connect it to your phone.

Once you configure it on your smartphone you will be able to use all the advantages of Jio plans. Put a Jio sim card in your JioFi wi-fi hotspot and make a recharge you want to. Then just connect it and configure it on your 3G or 2G handset by following the above process.

You can make calls as Jio offers unlimited free voice calls, high-speed internet as well.

If you don’t have a JioFi then you can Buy it online

Above all, there is a problem that you always have to carry the JioFi device with your smartphone. otherwise, you will not be able to use Jio 4G Voice on your 3G handset.

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