JIO NUMBER CHECK: The Best Way To Check Jio Number

If you have forgotten your Jio SIM number and searching in google about How To Check Jio Number and got several answers. But many of them are not updated. Now you have to know about your latest and easiest way to Jio number check.

Follow few simple steps for know your Jio number:
  1. Download My Jio app from play store or you can download it from
  2. Turn on your mobile data. Ensure that your data is active on Jio SIM then you will be able to sign in with SIM. If you are using a Jio SIM on your smartphone then Open My Jio app, it will log in automatically(sign in with SIM). In case you are not using Jio SIM on your smartphone then it will ask for your Jio ID and Password, fill up and log in.
  3. Now, You can find your Jio SIM number at the top of the dashboard.

Note:– In case you are facing problem to Download and sign in to your My Jio app then read this My-Jio-App-Download

How to know my Jio number by dialing ?

Its the simpliest process to findout your Jio number. follow this steps:
  1. Open your dial pad and dial 1299 through your Jio SIM. your call will be disconnected automatically.
  2. Then you will receive a message where your Jio SIM number will be displayed along with your main account balance and data usage.
jio number check code
Jio Number Check Code

Note:- If you are using Jio4Gvoice for the call then the above process is similar.

If you are facing any problem then just dial on the helpline number 198. They will assist you to check your Jio number.

Note:- You can call on your another number from your Jio SIM and then note down the Jio number. This method is applicable for all the operator.

All the above methods have been tested and are working properly as well. If you have any queries then leave a comment.

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